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Spotlight On: A.C. The Ruler, Rapper

The Milwaukee emcee's crisp bars $urf above spaced-out instrumentals in his debut album, "Cirrocumulus."

It's been a busy season for A.C. the Ruler. Cirrocumulus' rollout had the lyricist searching for balance between home life in Milwaukee and creative sessions in Chicago. A.C. is one fourth of a collective called "The Outsydus," a group of engineers, producers, and artists. Chicago artists Rich Robbins and FreeThe3rd both have feature spots on the project and Since'93 functioned as executive producer.  

"I couldn’t always be here in Chicago, working on the album in the studio like I wanted to. But when I did come I was fully prepared... so it’s kinda like I was always here in a way. I just had to make the best of the situation and we ended up making something beautiful."

Inspiration comes easy for A.C. He draws from universally relatable situations—personal life experiences, observations, conversations—anything that touches and grounds us all together. His biggest inspirations to succeed are his son, his mom and sister, his team, and his city, in that order.

With the album released, A.C. is happy to take a breath and appreciate it all, if only for a second. "It feels like my baby is all grown up and they're out making friends, trying to find their way in this world," he says. Visuals, merch, and more music are already on the way for A.C., in addition to a short film with his brother, CoCoEgyPtiAn (also featured on Cirrocumulus). 

Get to know A.C. below and check out his custom playlist on Spotify!  Cirrocumulus is available to stream or purchase here.

What do you love about the local artist community?

I love that it’s growing everyday it seems like everyone is trying to unify for the most part. Which is good cause that lacks a lot of the time. 

Favorite TV show?

Damn I don’t really watch TV I like movies and like Docs and shit. But I’d say Broad City I just finished all the seasons.

Favorite cocktail?


Favorite Chicago artist? 

Sudo Black 

Favorite spot in Chicago?

The Snack Shop on Belmont. It’s so goood everything is made with love. 


"Spotlight On" is a weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of their stories and what they love, hoping to inspire and connect.


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