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Spotlight On: Heaven's Artist Breanna Ruiz, Mixed Media Artist

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Coming from a family of creatives, it's no surprise Heavens Artist, Breanna Ruiz, chose to become an artist. And a really good one at that. Blessed with a gift to create, her paintings are reflective of her deep connection to her faith.

Breanna beautifully weaves the spiritual and the artistic together to find comfort and peace in the chaos of the everyday. Each of her portraits exudes an undeniable light and energy and a connection to God, to Heaven. With her paintbrush in hand, she wants us to know that regardless of the journey, healing and happiness are not only possible, but they’re also necessary for completeness.

...In a world of so much pain, my only wish through sharing my art is to share the joy that I’ve found so that everyone who can, leaves with their own piece of Heaven too. ”

As someone who once struggled with suicidal thoughts, depression, sex and drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and violent outbursts, Breanna's work once centered around the darkness of that particular time- work she says was void of the peace she now finds within herself today.

She's not perfect though, she says. She still gets anxious and still has her down days, she just chooses to find the harmony within it all and lead with love, seeking out healthier and more sustainable roads to happiness.“I recreate my likeness to mirror that of Heaven as well. I became a person of strength, and no longer labeled myself as broken,” she says.

It's obvious to see how this path towards healing has influenced her style. Her work was once depicted through a stark black and white palette. Today, her paintings are engulfed in rich earth and jewel tones. Her process, she says, is more emotionally driven rather than strategic. Though nothing is typically planned, all garner meaning.

“It's like I have a beam of fire that runs directly from my spirit's heart, straight through my hands and onto the canvas," she says. "I feel like the heart of gratitude I have towards Heaven for my healing, my joy, and my new life, are just too complex to express verbally, so I have to symbolize those emotions physically through every detail of my painting. 

Through these beautifully saturated colors and through intricate details often depicting the beauty and balance found in nature, she finds the divine in each of her subjects. Though her paintings are often busy, one never feels lost. She patiently guides the viewer through her well-balanced compositions with each brushstroke, allowing us to find order and comfort. A true testament to her talent and care.

Breanna has found her joy in God and in Heaven. Her outlook on life and the stories she tells through her art are like gentle caresses and soft words of encouragement. It’s this gracious and humble attitude she carries with her that feels needed, especially now, when it's so easy to succumb to the weight of the world and the apathetic mindset that can follow.

“The message I really want to convey to my audience is just to never give up on yourself. I want everyone to see a bit of themselves through my art, I want everyone to know that joy, happiness, and love is truly real, and healing is possible and attainable," she says. "In a world of so much pain, my only wish through sharing my art is to share the joy that I’ve found so that everyone who can, leaves with their own piece of Heaven too.

Follow Breanna on Instagram to keep up with her recent work. Check out her personally curated Spotify playlist, and favorite things below.

Favorite part about the Chicago creative community?

My favorite part about the Chicago creative community is the fact that we start off as strangers who know nothing of each other, but then in a moment we connect through art and open up to each other on a level we never could have before Our characters, age, interests, etc., may be so different, but art builds that bridge between us, which I find to be so beautiful.

Favorite TV show? 

It's definitely a tie between Criminal Minds and Law & Order for sure.

Favorite cocktail/drink?

Shirley Temple, with extra cherries, please!

Favorite Chicago artist?

The beautiful and talented Harmonia Rosales and WAK (Kevin A Williams) of course.

Favorite spot in Chicago? 

The art studio spaces in The Art Institute of Chicago. I can just be free to create, get messy and just get lost in time there.


"Spotlight On" is a bi-weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of their stories and what they love, hoping to inspire and connect.

Words by Lolo Ramos


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