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Spotlight On: Jake Ishler, Guitarist & Producer

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

The Berklee College grad is taking the Chicago music scene by storm, performing and producing for a variety of artists. Listen to his curated playlist for Lake Shore Dive's first ever "Spotlight On," a new weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives.

When you're 5, and say you want to play guitar when you grow up, it's usually a cute little phase often grown out of.  

But for Jake Ishler, a Chicago native, that's all he ever wanted to do and he refused to do anything else. Hundreds of live shows and a Berklee College degree later, Jake is proving that with grit, determination and approaching guitar from a humanistic perspective, his 5-year-old dream isn't so far-fetched after all. 

"[Guitar] is an organic way of self-expression that can't be replicated," he says when asked about the current state of the electronic-heavy music industry. As a producer himself, he welcomes the ever-evolving state of music as a challenge, finding fresh ways to incorporate real instruments in unexpected sounds and forms.

"[Music] has the ability to connect to humanity and that's never going to go away," he says. "If I can contribute to that with my instrument and personal style, then I've done my part." 

Jake currently plays guitar for Alex Makris, Shawnee Dez and David Way. He also works with OneFlo Entertainment, a resource for independent musicians and recording artists to grow and flourish in the music industry’s digital age.

Get to know Jake below and listen to his curated playlist on Spotify!

Favorite TV Show: Freaks and Geeks 

Favorite Cocktail: Moscow Mule

Favorite Chicago Artist: Kanye West and Sir the Baptist

Favorite Spot In Chicago: Medici on 57th 

"Spotlight On" is a weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of your story and what you love hoping to inspire and connect.

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