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Spotlight On: Kevin Deasey, Illustrator & Visual Designer

Inspired by sci-fi, space and tech, Kevin's illustrations evoke a mood just as much as the music he listens to when he creates these worlds.

There's a fantastical element to Kevin Deasey's work that's very easy to get lost in. Extraordinary detailing, lush surroundings and robot-like characters dominate the worlds he creates. Imagine "Game of Thrones" meets "Westworld," full of futuristic motifs along with humor and curiosity that at times, feels nostalgic. 

Hailed from the tiny northwest suburb of Island Lake, Kevin took up drawing at a young age. His fascination with TV shows like "American Chopper" and "Monster Garage" infiltrated his passion for drawing, when he began filling sketchbooks of cars and choppers with his own designs and paint jobs. When he later developed an interest in video games, he simultaneously discovered the world of animation design and concept art, which drove him to pursue a career as an illustrator. 

"There is a love for this city and its art and I feel like there are real opportunities for designers and musicians to make an impact. I constantly feel inspired." 

Invoking a sense of curiosity is the crux of Kevin's work. Storytelling is essential. As a fan of science-fiction, technology and outer space, his character work blends these concepts together to create a compelling narrative. His characters, including The Smuggler, Soldier and High-Flyer, all differ in vigor and personality. Inspired by illustrators like Ian McQue and Kim Jung Gi, when creating his world of characters, Kevin thinks of the stories they'd tell and what their fates would be in the next chapter.

While Kevin continues to grow as an artist, he's looking to expand his creative work into animated short films, motion graphic videos and even creating products and brands. You can check out his portfolio here, AND, see his custom illustration of Kanye West for Lake Shore Dive at any one of our  pop-ups.

Get to know Kevin below and check out his custom playlist here and on Spotify!

Favorite TV Show?

"Game of Thrones," hands down. However, to cope with the years of waiting required for its final season, I have also binged "Westworld," "Peaky Blinders," and "BroJack Horseman."

Favorite cocktail?

Makers Mark Old Fashioned.

Favorite Chicago Artist?

When I think of "Chicago artist" my first reaction is to talk about Chance the Rapper. Chance constantly inspires me not only through his music, but as a person. He constantly gives back to his community and uses his platform to promote well-being and positivity in Chicago. The world could use more artists like him.

Favorite spot in Chicago?

The River Walk during the summer. I find it really relaxing to walk along the water and enjoy the view of the buildings. It's also a great spot to meet up with friends for food and drinks at one of the many pop-up bars that show up down there.

What do you love about the local arts/music community?​

Although I haven't been a Chicago-based artist for very long, I can already tell that it has an amazing community. From my co-workers to new artists I encounter online and in person, the Chicago art and music community feels incredibly collaborative. There is a love for this city and its art and I feel like there are real opportunities for designers and musicians to make an impact. I constantly feel inspired. 


Spotlight On" is a weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of their stories and what they love, hoping to inspire and connect.


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