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Spotlight On: Mairead Zigulich, Abstract Artist

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Using mirrors as her canvas, Mairead challenges others to create their own realities.

Mairead Zigulich believes that “if you truly love something and work for it, things will fall into place.” This mantra has guided the Bridgeport-based artist to pursue her art full-time in addition to juggling the necessary side jobs in order to support herself—it's all part of the journey.

Using mirrors as her main canvas, Mairead boldly paints abstract faces that challenge perception. Painting mirrors was an idea that came suddenly to her, though the symbolism was serendipitous. While reorganizing her bedroom at her parent's house, an old mirror laying on the floor compelled her to grab her palette and let her brush take over. Just like life constantly evolving, so do traditional canvases, she believes.

Everything I was trying to say as an artist came together with that mirror. Mirrors provide an escape; you can get lost in the reflection of yourself, or others, or you can appreciate the art of life. It's up to you.

One of the driving forces behind Mairead's inspiration to create art is her psychology background. Specifically, fascination for the human experience; our relationships, and the complexity of our minds, which has a hold over our perception of reality and how we view the world around us.


The one thing I have really grown to understand is that our reality is made up of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. We make up our own reality; to some extent we have control of our own mind - at least how we see the world and what we're going to do about it.

On the topic of reality, her artwork challenges viewers to tackle the way they view their own. “It's not about our physical appearance that makes us beautiful, but it is our minds.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but are you choosing to acknowledge the beauty in what you’re seeing?

Through her work, Mairead wants to challenge people to see their reflection for what’s truly there, or to see someone else’s and acknowledge them for who they really are. In the end, she just wants you to know that you’re not alone; we’re all experiencing this universe together. It’s all up to perception and we have the power to choose how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. We can be as good, bad, smart, dumb, etc, as we set our minds to be.

Follow Mairead on Instagram to keep up with her recent work.

Get to know Mairead below and check out her custom playlist on Spotify!

Favorite part about the Chicago creative community?

The support is amazing. Collaboration is endless. In Chicago, you're not alone as a creative or freelancer— they're everywhere. Art is everywhere.

Favorite TV show?

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

Favorite cocktail?

Mint mojito.

Favorite Chicago artist?

Matthew Hoffman, creator of the "You Are Beautiful" project.

Favorite spot in Chicago?

The Garfield Park Conservatory. Any and all antique shops.


"Spotlight On" is a weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of their stories and what they love, hoping to inspire and connect.

Words by Jasmine Muldrow


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