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The Perfect Playlist For When You Really Want To Run Away

Look, we love Chicago.

The buildings, the neighborhoods, the art and music, the pizza and potatoes. 

But sometimes, you just need that Lifetime movie moment where you run away for a night and choreograph dances to SZA in a hotel hot tub (highly recommend).

While there are tropical getaways, destination cruises, and Italian villas, there is also New Buffalo, Michigan—a measley hour away from Chicago and home to famous beaches and mom and pop ice cream stands.

But when it's early March and the two selling points of the town are completely deserted, let's just say you grab your best friend, some champagne and make a dope playlist.

We loaded it up with some of our Chicago favorites like Knox Fortune, Pivot Gang and Kanye, along with some quintessential mood music like Bon Iver and Whitney. We can say with confidence this playlist is fit for the following:

- Driving long distances

- Having an existential crisis

- Adopting Beyoncé-level confidence, even if itemporary

- Tindering in small cities, wondering why you're suddenly such a dimepiece 

- Dancing alone in the pool

- Making impromptu champagne cocktails

- Talking in depth about Harry Styles suits

We hope you enjoy it as much as us.

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