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We’re Julianne and Katie, the co-founders of Lake Shore Dive. 

It’s pretty coincidental that we met in 7th grade music class. Our love for music and the arts has not only connected our many years of friendship, but is why we started LSD in the first place.


We wanted to put the spotlight on local creatives by opening up a pop-up bar solely dedicated to Chicago music and art. Through collaborations with artists and local establishments, we curate events at venues around the city while serving our signature hip-hop themed cocktails.


Lake Shore Dive is more than just a bar—it’s a community; a place for Chicago, by Chicago. We believe art, in whatever form, tells the story of people and their culture. By giving creatives the tools to thrive, our goal is to empower people to use their voice and let their talents shine. When art and culture wins, we all win.

Julianne's passions include but are not limited to: milkshakes, astrology, making playlists, teen TV dramas and debating who in pop culture has the best hair. After studying on the East Coast and spending a couple years in LA (where she unabashedly attempted to wink at Harry Styles), Julianne returned home to Chicago. She really missed the winters. When she’s not writing LSD’s next blog post, she’s searching the gram for new artists, the best potatoes and the perfect bathroom for a fire mirror selfie. Her undeniable Sagg vibes and empath nature make her the ideal dream interpreter, personal photographer & spontaneous SZA sing-along partner. Not to mention, her personal drive and hustle make her the ideal business partner. In charge of social, PR and anything that involves words, her creativity and eye for detail brings LSD pop-ups to full fruition.


Katie’s obsessions range from 90s fashion to dying her hair to teen witches to making dresses and wearing them around the globe. Her affinity for Chicago and her best friend Julianne’s ass is what keeps her roots planted in her home city. You’ll find her cheering on hometown sports teams (go White Sox) or at the Metro shaking her booty to local faves (sup Pivot Gang!). Katie’s big Leo energy and appetite for adventure makes her the perfect concert pal, creator of fictional futures, and run-away-and-dance-in-a-pool buddy. TL;DR, she’s the real deal. A true ride or die. Katie is in charge of the design and product aspect of LSD’s pop-ups. From creating flyers to crafting cocktails, Katie’s creative vision brings LSD’s pop-ups to life.


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