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Spotlight On: Sudo Black, Rapper

Overcoming his environment, Sudo Black shares his outlook on life.

As a self-proclaimed hip-hop head, Sudo Black looks up to the greats. His style is influenced by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Migos, and Jay-Z. Well-versed in the Chicago rap scene, hometown heroes such as Saba, Noname, Mick Jenkins and Rich Robbins heavily impact his artistry (and character) as well.

Drawing from the real-life emotions and experiences of himself and others closest to him, Sudo's music evokes real feeling. His upcoming EP, Kolors, is a showcase of his many sides as a person and artist, or in his words, "the many flavors of Sudo." An album as eclectic as the artist itself, each track explores and mirrors a different aspect of his multi-dimensional personality.

Having artistic peers fosters his own creativity, encouraging growth and inspiration. Collaboration amongst friends is important, and Sudo prefers to work with artists that he can connect to on a personal level. Brought into the game by "best-friend, team member, and producer," Loony Is Normal, he got his feet wet by joining Loony's music group, 'OFFBrand."


Soon after, he gained enough experience and confidence to complete his first song. "It gave me a sense of freedom that I hadn't experienced before and I fell in love from that day forth," Sudo says.

All other things aside, Sudo just wants to share his story. As someone who's made the most out of the opportunities presented to him, he wants to let everyone know that their dreams can come true, too. It's a mental game, but once you commit to following your path, outside factors are just distractions.

His mantra: "Your mindset and attitude determine where you'll end up, not your environment or any other external force."

Follow Sudo on Instagram to keep up with his recent work.

Get to know Sudo below and check out his custom playlist on Spotify!

Favorite part about the Chicago creative community?

I love that most Chi creatives are open to collab. 

Favorite TV show?

I don't have a favorite because I don't watch much TV

Favorite cocktail?

I also don't have a favorite cocktail since I barely drink.

Favorite Chicago artist?

It's a tie between Mick Jenkins, Saba, and Noname. That could change though.

Favorite spot in Chicago?

Downtown Chicago is my favorite area by far.


"Spotlight On" is a weekly series highlighting Chicago creatives with a twist. We share a slice of their stories and what they love, hoping to inspire and connect.

Words by Jasmine Muldrow


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