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5 Questions With: Jake Gatsby, Rapper

Updated: May 5, 2020

Rapper Jake Gatsby has a particular air about him that makes him immediately cool- he’s funny, talented, and apparently makes a really mean breakfast sandwich, which all seems a little unfair when most of us are just barely scraping at the bottom to get our pick of the litter.

Jake effortlessly brings his personality into his music. With introspective, often playful, lyrics stacked together and a steady flow, his energy is instantly infectious.

But don't confuse talent with having it easy. Jake has put in countless hours to get to where he’s at. In “Leveled up”, the buoyant hard-hitting summer anthem that gives off major blast-this-until-your-speakers-give-out vibes, Jake waves a sort of goodbye to the past and the people you will inevitably leave behind, and hello to the bright future that lies ahead for him and his team.

In it, Jake raps about his hard work paying off and his drive to succeed with lyrics like “I remember pullin’ up to Chinatown we used to share a soup, now we pullin’ up to Chinatown in BMW’s” and “too real to be fake, spam turned into steak..I’ve always been hungry, I got so much on my plate now.”

It's hard to deny his appreciation for clever wordplay and poetry and his obvious love and gratitude for the hip hop community and the Chicago scene that has helped to give him a platform.

Not only is Jake manifesting his success, but he’s also making it a reality, and lucky for him, this is only the beginning. He’ll continue to level up for as long as he chooses to play the game.

Watch our 5 Questions interview below to get an insight into Jake's musical tastes and inspirations and to see who he thinks should play him in a movie-hint: it's still TBD.

Keep up with Jake on Instagram to stay updated on all of his latest projects.


“5 Questions With” is a video interview series giving a glimpse into the person behind the artist.

Words by Lolo Ramos


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