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5 Questions With: Josie Koznarek, fine artist

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

With an affinity for plants and people, fine artist Josie Koznarek's stunning paintings tell stories of strength and femininity.

Her work ebbs and flows in a way that is equal parts soft and pronounced. Often using ink to paint, many of Josie’s creations find the paper as whimsical characters engulfed in flora and fauna through rich colors (usually stark black and white) and bold, defined lines.

Each of Josie's paintings displays striking attention to detail that is immediately eye-catching, powerfully resonating with the viewer. Whether they depict people becoming one with, finding solace in, or succumbing to the natural world, they all serve as gentle reminders of our existence and connectedness.

No matter how you swing it, Josie embodies cool both artistically and personally. For a peek inside her artistic world, how she finally came to see herself as "good"(something we all seem to be figuring out), and her impeccable taste in music, check out our 5 Questions interview below. You won't be disappointed.

Keep up with Josie on Instagram and check out her website to stay updated on all of her latest projects.


“5 Questions With” is a video interview series giving a glimpse into the person behind the artist.

Words by Lolo Ramos


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