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5 Questions With: richienough, rapper

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

We Lake Shore Dive ladies are big advocates of music boosting our mood and the occasional (okay, frequent) dance parties. That’s why we immediately fell in love with richienough, who makes music that invites you to own your voice and channel your inner badass.

One listen to his music and you’re met with immediate confidence. The kind that exudes a power you wish you could manifest in your every day to day.In one lyric, he raps “I never claimed to be a rapper, but I might be.” In another, “skin clear, edges laid, I’m the talk of the town.” If his songs were personified, they would easily be seen in someone who brushes people off with the type of nonchalant, couldn’t-care-less, attitude found in a flip of the hair. 

Producing his music in the comfort of his home gives him both the space and the control to be as experimental as he wants. Whether it's his Neas Vol. 2 project that takes a more ethereal approach layering beautiful vocals and sustained rhythms or the hard-hitting Neas Vol. 1. featuring clever lyrics rapped over simplistic dance beats, his incredible versatility and unique flow are proof of the creativity that runs through him.

Above all, richienough just wants to spread love and light through his music-something he’s already doing and doing well. With a personal mantra of "choose yourself", a naturally charismatic personality, and a quick wit, he brings warmth to any space he’s apart of-his songs included. 

Get to know the Chicago creative powerhouse in our latest 5 Questions video, including three artists on his current playlist and the biggest struggle he's had to overcome.

Keep up with richienough on Instagram to stay updated on all of his latest projects.


“5 Questions With” is a video interview series giving a glimpse into the person behind the artist.

Words by Lolo Ramos

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